Recent Publications

In Physical Review Letters



I’ve been teaching assistant for the following courses at QMUL:

  • 20162017 Introduction to Statistics (MTH4106/MTH4206).
  • 20162017 Network Modeling and Performance (ECS724U/P).

Referee Activity

I’ve been a reviewer for the journals:

Chaos, EPJ Data Science, Physical Review E, Scientific Reports, Europhysics Letters, Chaos Solitons & Fractals.

Scholarships, Grants & Awards

  • 2017 Travel Grant for the Symposium on The Future of Urban Networks Research, Ghent University.
  • 2017 Turing PhD Enrichment Scolarship, The Alan Turing Institute.
  • 2017 Travel Grant for the Summer School on Methods for Computational Social Science, GESIS.
  • 2016 Research Studentship Queen Mary Principal’s Award, QMUL.

Conferences, Schools and Symposia

  • Oct 2018 2nd Network Science Workshop

    London, UK.

  • Sep 2018 Conference on Complex Systems 2018

    Thessalokini, GR.

  • Jun 2018 NetSci 2018 International Conference on Network Science

    Paris, FR.

  • Feb 2018 BIFI International Conference 2018 on Complexity, Networks and Collective behaviour

    Zaragoza, ES.

  • Sep 2017 European Symposium Series on Societal Challenges in Computational Social Science

    London, UK.

  • Sep 2017 Symposium on The Future of Urban Networks Research

    Ghent University, BE.

  • Jul 2017 Summer School on Methods for Computational Social Science

    Sant’Antioco, IT.

  • Jun 2017 Cambridge Networks Day 2017

    University of Cambridge, UK.

  • Jan 2017 Mathematics and Economics of Energy Markets

    National Grid, Wokingham, UK.

  • Oct 2015 UN Conference on Global Addressing

    UPU, Bern, CH.

  • Nov 2015 UN Global Conference on Trade facilitation

    UPU, Bern, CH.

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